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Yes. I know exactly how it feels..

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It’s not all the time. Hell, it’s not even that often. But there are just those days, and you can feel them from the time you open your eyes in the morning. It’s been a long week. It’s Friday (or possibly Thursday, let’s be real). Work has been tough, your social life has been nearly nonexistent, and you can’t remember the last time you really raged. You have a few friends who are in a similar boat, and conditions are ripe for devolving into hot little puddles of regret over the course of an evening full of debauchery and pizza eaten on the sidewalk.

I’m not here to judge you — we’ve all been there. You keep it together for so long, paying your bills, calling your parents, going to the post office, flossing your teeth. But there is a monster boiling just beneath the surface, a monster that is…

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Kesempatan Kedua ..

Beberapa minggu ini sedang diberkahi kesempatan kedua.. Kedua atau ketiga atau keempat juga sudah lupa.

Kesempatan untuk bisa mengatur diri yang sebesar ini sih yang kedua sih.

Jadi, perasaan lagi takut. takut tripped over dan rusak lagi lalu mulai dari pertama. Semoga ngak.


Tinggal kesempatan kedua yang satu lagi. 🙂