Lantai 10

Dear Anak Lantai 10,

This is the hardest goodbye email of the day to compose ..

At first, THANK YOU! For the warm welcome when PM moved from 9th floor last year.

I guess the idea of openess, transparency in our workspace really reflect the life in AXIS in 10th floor. There is no boundary between us, and we share everything from food to story. You know that we are good friends if we can chat with each other more than 10mins not talking about office/works related and yes we do that all the time.. (kapan kerjanya ngobrol melulu?)

I am gonna miss a lot the CIEEE Party, singing out loud ‘Happy Birthday’ for any bday boy/girl, the endless laugh for any stupid acts, the chit chat at breakfast table, the all stupid-no work related conversation during lunch, the gossip with the girls, all the baby story from the proud mothers/fathers, the galau story from the ababil of the 10th Floor, the karaoke session, the gorengan sore..

It’s been a FUN and GREAT ride with AXISers for the past 3 years 11 months and today, I left my current position in Mobile Content to pursue another dream in digital world. I might say it is a long shot, but I’m willing to try no matter what. All I ask from you is a good luck.

My special thanks is dedicated to my dear VAS Team Warriors.
Pak Adolfo, thank you for the FUN ride. I learnt a lot from you. Please be kind to Nowo, Echa & Rachmat as these warriors would be your great assets to conquer the world.
Mas Rachmat, Congrats on your new permanent status. I believe Kim & your wife is so proud of you. Please practice the ‘NGAK’ more in the future.. So glad you finally join the team, and come to the rescue for Pak Adolfo, Echa & Nowo ..
Mas Nowo, how could you have leave on my last day =)) Thanks for the friendship ya .. Please be more sabar, I know you can do it 🙂 hopefully, you’ll be a father soon ..

PM Team, I am so proud to be one of your member. I don’t want to say anything because I must see you again! 🙂
Thanks for the memories, the great lesson, the team work. You are a family to me and you know how I feel without saying anything..

To CS Team.. Thank you for the friendship! Very happy to be one of the ‘friends’. Thank you for being patience on handling every RBT campaign, and being so helpful on resolve the complaints. You have a great team work, really!

To Gang makan siang, duh gak sempet ke sop emak terakhir kali 🙂 Thanks for being there for sop emak.. *lho .. Ketemu lagii yaaa.. gonna miss the ‘jumatan ke Ambass’ 🙂

To the rest of Lantai 10, thanks for the friendship and the great teamwork. May you all live long & prosper and conquer the world of Telco in Indonesia!!

To Pak Daniel, Thank you for letting me know that I might have made a wrong decision to leave AXIS. 🙂 Wish you a good luck & very fun ride with AXIS.

*Echa loe nunggu nama loe disebut ya?*

To my most favorite person in 10th Floor, Echa .. I believe I cannot survive until today if you’re not around. Lebay ya? =))
Sorry for leaving sooner and I pray for ‘semoga nular’ 🙂

And finally, this chicken wants to fly.. Goodbye eagles..
We’ll meet again!


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